Attapeu is not a  culinary destination by any means. Noodle dishes are available during the morning at Talat Nyai (main market), near the bridge, and other snacks can be had at any time.

1. Thi Thi Restaurant
This Vietnamese run place has, unsurprisingly, decent Vietnamese food, including imported seafood from the Quy Nhon coast. However, the service is pretty surely and we were ushered out after barely finishing our meal. Attapeu closes early.
Tel: +856-36-211303.
Open: 07:00AM-09:00PM
Type of Cuisine:

2. Kamsay Restaurant
One of several mainly bamboo places overlooking the Sekong, Kamsay is mainly about sunset Beer Laos but is also popular for its barbecued goat (25.000 Kip/plate). If you buy the whole beast, they are usually tied up out the front whole praying for a busload of vegetarian, you get to drink the blood for free.
Open: 11:00AM-09:00PM
Type of Cuisine:

3. Ban Laek Tee Neung
This restaurant is uniformly considered the best dining in town. The Korean barbecues are popular, the sukiyaki pretty good and the various  laap are mouth-watering. It had just relocated to a new venue during our visit.
Tel: +856-20-55913580.
Open: 11:00AM-10:00PM
Type of Cuisine:

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