How to get to Attapeu

Attpeu can be reached by bus from the Southern Bus Terminal in Vientiane Capital, choose either bus to the province. Be awere that transportation schedules and prices are subject to change, so please check departure times and prices at transport station and tourism information center or through a travel agent prior to your trip.

Getting there & away : The Attapeu bus terminal is next to Talat Noi at Km 3 northwest of town. Route 18A that runs south of the Bolaven Plateau remains impassable to most traffic, so all transport to or from Pakse goes via Sekong and Paksong. There are usually five or more uses to Pakse (40.000-60.000 Kip, 5-6 hours, 212 Km) between 6AM and midday. You can get off any of these buses at Sekong (25.000 Kip, 2 hours, 77 Km) or Paksong (35.000 Kip, 4 hours, 162 Km). For Tat Lor or Salavanh you will need to head off early, get a bus heading to Paksong, and change at Tha Taeng. Most buses servicing Attapeu are older, naturally cooled affairs.

Getting Around Attapeu: A jumbo trip around town should cost about 5.000 Kip/person. To/from the bus terminal costs about 10.000 Kip. Bicycles (20.000 Kip/day) and motorbikes (80.000 Kip/day) can be rent.

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