Cultural tourist site

1. Wat Pha Saysettha and Saysettha Stupa
This old pagoda at Saysettha District was construction in 1577 and represents a crucial moment in Lane Xang history when King Saysetthathiral died near by. The great age of the stupa is evidenced by the original handmade bricks containing the rice grains.

2. Pottery
Attapeu Souvenirs include pottery, jars and pots from Ban Thahin; also a must buy is the cotton textiles, particularly from the Taliang ethnic group available from Ban Xaysamphan at Samakkhixay District; finally the basketry products of other various ethnic groups are available in the marketplace in Samakkhixay.


3. Wat Sakhae Temple
The ancient temple of Attapeu, the sacred Buddha image of Ongsene is one of the holiest of relicts.

Wat sakea temle ( Pha ongsene )

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